Head & Neck Injury

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How We Can Alleviate Head & Neck Injury

Patients suffering from neck pain are frequently seen in physiotherapy practice and are one of the most common clinical presentations. Patients suffering from headache, although less common, are also often seen. Pain is usually caused by local structures within or around the head or neck, or, may occasionally be referred from other sources (such as the upper back, jaw or shoulders).

A thorough subjective and objective examination from our physiotherapist is usually sufficient to diagnose the cause of head and neck pain.

Head and Neck Pain – Common Conditions

  • Cervical Disc Bulge
  • Facet Joint Sprains
  • Cervicogenic Headache
  • Wry Neck (Discogenic)
  • Wry Neck (Facet)
  • Whiplash
  • Vertebral Fracture

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Our physiotherapists support an active approach to the treatment of neck pain. Once the injury has been assessed to ensure there is no serious injury like a fracture or ligament tear, exercises may be prescribed to help you regain movement, strength, and ability to perform activities that are important to you.

In addition, we can assist with short-term pain relief through manual therapy, ice and / or heat applications and relaxation techniques. Education about neck pain, what to expect during your recovery, and how you can manage your neck pain are additional components of the physiotherapy rehabilitation program.

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