Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapists are experts in enabling function. Taking a client-centered and evidence-based approach, Occupational Therapists work with the individual to address functional barriers and strategically decide the best way to facilitate or maintain engagement in valued activities of daily living.

Occupational Therapists define occupation not only as a career or job, but any daily activity that contributes to overall mental, physical, or spiritual well being.

If an injury, illness, disability or other problem limits your independence, ability to take care of yourself or enjoy your regular daily activities (e.g. spending time with family/friends, hobbies, eating, sleeping etc) then you may want to speak with an occupational therapist and increase your independence, and get back to the activities that you enjoy and love.

For more information please visit the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists website: http://www.caot.ca/

Services Provided:

  • Functional strength and range of motion exercise
  • Living with arthritis and symptom relief consultation
  • Home safety and falls prevention assessment
  • Adaptive equipment prescription to enable function
  • Leisure activities enablement
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Memory exercise

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