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Eliminating pain is the goal, staying pain free is the finish line

At Easy Therapy, we’ll help you take control of your body and feel better so you can focus less on pain and dysfunction and more on the things you enjoy. It’s that simple.

Located in all over the Greater Vancouver Area and the Fraser Valley, we provide Health professional services for people with pain or injuries to the upper body, lower body, and spine. This includes post-surgical rehabilitation; pelvic physiotherapy; balance, posture and gait retraining; and women’s and men’s health programs

If you or a loved one are in pain, have difficulties getting out of the house, work long hours, have young children or have no form of transport, these problems are overcome by one of our mobile physiotherapists coming to a place that suits you. For chronic sports injuries, examining static positions in the confinements of a small cubicle at a clinic does not tell the whole story.

The therapists at Easy Therapy will come watch you run, jump, and play in your regular field and use video analysis to optimize your individualized assessment and focused treatment.

For more information about how Easy Therapy can help you reach your dietary and nutrition goals, please contact us at or 604-537-7167.

Occupational Therapists are experts in enabling function. Taking a client-centered and evidence-based approach, Occupational Therapists work with the individual to address functional barriers and strategically decide the best way to facilitate or maintain engagement in valued activities of daily living. Occupational Therapists define occupation not only as a career or job, but any daily activity that contributes to overall mental, physical, or spiritual well being.

If an injury, illness, disability or other problem limits your independence, ability to take care of yourself or enjoy your regular daily activities (e.g. spending time with family/friends, hobbies, eating, sleeping etc) then you may want to speak with an occupational therapist and increase your independence, and get back to the activities that you enjoy and love.

For more information please visit the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists website:

Services Provided:

  • Functional strength and range of motion exercise
  • Living with arthritis and symptom relief consultation
  • Home safety and falls prevention assessment
  • Adaptive equipment prescription to enable function
  • Leisure activities enablement
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Memory exercise

Kinesiologist enhanced knowledge in human movement can help individuals suffering from physical or neurological injuries through specific and individualized exercise therapy. Our Kinesiologist work closely with your Physiotherapist or Chiropracter to provide the best form of treatment for you to meet your goals in a safe manner. Our Kinesiologist serve you by providing

  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Enhancing Health and Fitness
  • Group Training
  • Senior Specific Training
  • Sport Specific Training

For more information about how Easy Therapy can help please contact us at or 604-537-7167.

A nutritious and balanced diet is an essential component of protecting and promoting good health and healthy human development.

Key focus areas include an evaluation of current dietary intake, individual dietary needs based on age, gender and other contributing factors, building and maintaining balanced and nutritious meal plans, as well as client education of diet and nutrition.

For more information about how Easy Therapy can help with your nutrition goals please contact us at or 604-537-7167.

Why You Should Choose Easy Therapy

One-On-One Attention

You’ll work one-on-one with your Easy Therapy provider every visit — we do not use aides or assistants. Our focus is on you for the entire treatment time.

Personalized Treatment Plan

We’ll evaluate your unique needs and your lifestyle to help you understand the cause of your pain and what your body needs to heal so you can return to your normal activities. Your treatment will be specific to you!

A Warm, Professional Environment

We offer private treatment rooms so you can relax and concentrate on your rehabilitation and if you feel more comfortable at home, we’ll come to you!

Communication and Education

We welcome questions and encourage communication – so you’ll feel like a partner in the process, not a bystander. We’ll also show you how posture and movement patterns can be improved to help your healing process.

Personalized Treatment Plan

We offer private treatment rooms so you can relax and concentrate on your rehabilitation and if you feel more comfortable at home, we’ll come to you!

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